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Safe Phone Usage

There are many mobile device applications that can be used for stalking, monitoring, and spoofing. Some applications are designed for stalking; some are used every day for photo sharing, location sharing and communication. Learn about the applications and features on your phone.

  • Traditional “corded” phones are more private than cell phones or cordless phones.
  • Lock your Keypad with a password to avoid malicious tampering.
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your phone to avoid call interception.
  • Set your phone to “hidden” as your phone can be hijacked and your date stolen via Bluetooth technology.
  • Caller ID Spoofing is a service allowing a caller to change the Caller ID display on a recipient’s phone to any desired number. Always confirm the send of a text message.
  • If you receive harassing calls, text messages, or voicemails, it is essential to keep the messages and call logs as they can service as evidence in court.
  • Print call and text logs from your cell phone provider’s website or request a copy from customer service.
  • Use the printscreen function on your iPhone to take a photo of the screen to document threats or harassment.