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Internet Safety

Your computer activities may be monitored remotely or by someone with physical access to your computer. Computers can provide a lot of information about what you look at on the Internet, the e-mails you send, and other activities. It is not possible to delete or clear all computer “footprints”.  If you feel that you are being monitored when using your computer, trust your instincts.


Abusive people are often controlling and want to know your every move. You don’t need to be a computer programmer or have special skills to monitor someone’s computer activities – anyone can do it and there are many ways to monitor.



Safe Internet Usage:

  • Use a safer computer such as a public computer at a library, an Internet Café, your work, or the computer of a trusted family member or friend to access your e-mail and use the internet.
  • If your computer has a webcam, learn how it works and how to turn it off. These devices can be accessed remotely. Use tape to cover the lens when you are not using the camera.
  • Limit communication with your abuser and restrict responses to messages, calls, and social networking posts to those required by court order (i.e. visitation order).
  • Keep a separate e-mail account for communication regarding legal matters such as child custody and other communications with the abuser.
  • If you believe your account is secure, use passwords on all devices. Keep them secret and change them often.
  • Use internet-based phone services like Google Voice to create a new phone number for texting or phone calls.
  • If an abuser sends you threatening or harassing e-mail messages, they may be printed and saved as evidence.
  • Take all threats seriously whether they are verbal or text.

If an abuser knows how to read your computer’s history (cache file – automatically saved web pages and graphics), he/she may be able to see information you have recently viewed on the internet. You can clear your history or empty your cache file. Click here for instructions on how to clear your history.

NOTE: This may NOT completely hide your tracks, if you feel your computer is being accessed, please use a safe computer or call our hotline at 1-800-355-8547.